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Welcome to the International Psychotherapy Institute, we are a professional learning community dedicated to the study of psychodynamic theory and practice at the leading edge of the psychotherapy field.

I appreciate the warm, free atmosphere at the International Psychotherapy Institute in which we can dream together and create a narration.  I like very much the group affective model developed at the International Psychotherapy Institute and I want to export it!
—Antonino Ferro, President, Italian Psychoanalytic Association.

IPI Distance Learning Programs

Stream live to your computer and listen and communicate by phone with colleagues from around the country as we study contemporary theory and practice issues together.

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Observing the infant in a normal environment helps prepare the participant for working in the transference/countertransference field in therapy.

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IPI, in partnership with leading clinicians around the world, offers a videoconference course with six segments. You may join at the beginning of any one of these segments.

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