Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate Program Mini-Series

Revisiting the Foundations
Deepening the Treatment  

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate Program Mini-Series

Series 3
Words That Touch / Words That Transform:
The What, When, and How of Interpretation

Meets by phone on four Fridays, January 20 - April 14, 2017

Beginning January 20, the PPCP program is pleased to offer Series 3 of our four meeting seminar series. This series will address contemporary formulations of interpretation. The seminar will meet on four Fridays, January 20 through April 14, 2017 via a video link from 9-11am ET.

Interpretation as a clinical action has become the cornerstone of psychodynamic psychotherapy. It is a specialized form of assigning meaning to experience. The capacity for and the activity of interpretation are intrinsic to human mental life.

For over 150 years and especially since the publication of James Strachey's 1934 paper, "The nature of the therapeutic action of psychoanalysis", the aim of psychodynamic interpretation has been to make the unconscious conscious. The hallmark of the therapeutic work has been dream interpretation.

Many contemporary clinicians, especially those with an interest in working with patients with traumatic experiences, have the additional aim of first establishing or restoring a patient's capacity to wish and to dream. In work with traumatized patients the first clinical task is to facilitate a patient's development of the capacity for psychic survival. The next task is to facilitate the patient's development beyond concerns of psychic survival into a capacity for genuine aliveness—a capacity for dreaming.

In three classes and one case discussion meeting this seminar will explore three contemporary formulations of interpretation as a form of clinical action designed to establish or to restore the capacity to wish and to dream. Interpretations are now designed as words that touch the heart and soul and transform the patient.
January 20
Sheila Hill, MSW
Joan Lovejoy, MSW
The Contemporary Kleinian Shift
A close read and discussion of John Steiner's  papers: "Patient-Centered and Analyst-Centered Inter-pretations" and "Illusion, Disillusion, and Irony in Psychoanalysis"

February 24
Paul Koehler, MSW
Little Cakes, Tea, and Transformation
A close read and discussion of "The Meaning and Use of Metaphor in Analytic Field Theory" by Giuseppe Civitarese and Antonino Ferro

March 17
Caroline Sehon, MD
Interpreting Trauma
A close read and discussion of "The special problem of interpretation in the treatment of traumatized patients" by Werner Bohleber and Marianne Leuzinger Bohleber
April 14
Shelia Hill, MSW
Patrizia Pallaro, LCMFT
Open Case Roundtable Discussion

The seminar is open to all members of the IPI community at large. Prerequisite is previous participation in at least one IPI offering. Tuition for each series is $160.  Eight hours CE credit per series.

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Cost: $160 per series
CE Credit: 8 hours per series

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