Master Speaker Videoconference Series

Use of the Therapist's Self 


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Series Co-chairs: David Scharff, M.D. & Janine Wanlass, Ph.D.


Beginning in September, the 2016-2017 Master Speaker monthly video-conference seminars will feature presentations by IPI faculty and guest presenters, who will think together with participants about the use of the therapist's self. Participants may attend the seminars in person at sites in Chevy Chase, MD, Salt Lake City, UT, Indianapolis, IN and Long Island, NY, or can join the live web seminar online from their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Seminars take place from 9:00-11:00 a.m. Eastern Time, with additional group discussions to follow at some local sites. This year participants will be able to join the videoconference easily by downloading a free program and clicking on a simple linkThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on participating online.

Series Schedule -register for single sessions or all nine


September 9, 2016                          Carl Bagnini

Resilience of the Adolescent Therapist and Revisiting Personal History


October 7, 2016                               Caroline Sehon 

Listening to the Whisperings of Our Unconscious in Clinical Practice


November 4, 2016                             Jill Scharff 

Tuning the Therapeutic Instrument


December 2, 2016                             Jim Poulton 

Negotiating Transference/Countertransference Pitfalls with Resistant Patients


January 27, 2017                                  Mike Stadter

Empathy: If It's So Good, Why is it so Hard and Feels so Bad?


February 17, 2017                                Stan Tsigounis 

When the Therapist's Self is Under Siege: Self-Containment and Self-Care


March 24, 2017                                     Charles Ashbach 

The Therapist as the Patient's Scapegoat: Blood Sacrifice Instead of Mourning


April 28, 2017                                          Nancy Bakalar 

Working with the Inner Experiences of the Patient


May 12, 2017                                        Janine Wanlass

What's Yours, What's Mine, What's Ours? Listening to the Therapist Self



IPI Videoconference screen
Registration Fee: $360 for the full series of nine. $45 for individual video sessions.

CE Credit: 2 hours per video conference; 18 hours for full series of nine. Additional hour/s may be available at some local sites for participation in additional group discussion following the videoconference.  

Online Registration link. You can also click here to download a registration form.  Participants may register to participate in person at one of our local sites, or by telephone or videoconference in real time. 

To complete registration, please submit payment by check or money order payable to: IPI 6612 Kennedy Drive, Chevy Chase, MD 20815. Or pay by credit card/paypal.