Weekend Conference February 2017

Hope you didn't miss our February Conference:

ipi feb weekend guest presenters

Distinguished guest speakers relax at the Scharffs’ after the IPI conference “Lines of Development”
February 10, 2017.

Back Row: Aleksander Dimitrijevic (Berlin), Paul Schwaber (New Haven), Margaret Boyle Spellman (Dublin), Rosemary Balsam (New Haven), Jim Anderson (Chicago)
Front Row: Kay Long (London), Deborah Luepnitz (Philadelphia), Joan Raphael-Leff (University of Essex), Jay Frankel (New York), Chris Lovett (Boston), Justine Kalas Reeves (Washington DC), Norka Malberg (New Haven)
Absent: Howard Levine, Gabriele Cassullo
Photo by Vali Maduro

The International Psychotherapy Institute and Karnac Books
Invite you to a meeting of the minds, an opportunity for learning, dialogue and exploration, to celebrate the
Lines of Development Book Series

A Contemporary Psychoanalytic Conversation
regarding the Evolution of
Psychoanalytic Theory & Practice Over The Decades

Lines of Development Book Series Conference

February 9-12, 2017 Conference in Rockville, MD 



Gabriele Cassullo, Joan Raphael-Leff, Justine Kalas Reeves, Charles Ashbach, Karen Fraley, Norka Malberg, Howard Levine, Margaret Boyle Spelman, James Anderson, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Jay Frankel, Deborah Luepnitz, David and Jill Scharff, Kay Long, Chris Lovett, Rosemary Balsam, Lea Setton

The four-day conference will introduce six books on major contributors represented in Karnac's "Lines of Development" book series:


Sandor Ferenczi
Melanie Klein
Anna Freud
Ronald Fairbairn
Donald Winnicott
Wilfred Bion

In the spirit of the books contained in this series, the conference will introduce participants to multiple psychoanalytic lenses and their clinical applications. International Psychoanalytic Thinkers and Practitioners will present and discuss the work of psychoanalytic pioneers: Bion, Klein, Anna Freud, Ferenczi, Winnicott and Fairbairn followed by small group discussions, clinical presentations and interactive panels.

The conference is structured as a set of dialogues or modern "controversial discussions" between representatives of these points of view, followed by presentation of the main tenets of the books themselves, and capped off by a comparative clinical discussion on Sunday morning. Join us as major figures in psychoanalysis discuss and debate some of the principle issues in the development of psychoanalysis today.


Conference Program  

Thursday, February 9 - Controversial Discussions  
Representatives from each school of thought will dialogue with another school, focusing on the evolution of theory, cross-fertilization & contrast from the two perspectives.

Ferenczi (Gabriele Cassullo) -Sigmund Freud (Justine Kalas Reeves
Klein (Charles Ashbach) - Fairbairn (David Scharff)
Klein (Karen Fraley) - Anna Freud (Norka Malberg)
Winnicott (Margaret Boyle Spelman) - Bion (Howard Levine, Chris Lovett)
Closing Discussion


Friday, February 10 - Synopsis of the series books 
Friday and Saturday will feature the introduction of major themes from each of the six books already available in the series.

Ferenczi, Aleksandar Dimitrijevic
Anna Freud, Joan Raphael-Leff, Justine Kalas Reeves 
Fairbairn, David Scharff and Lea Setton
Small Discussion Groups


Saturday, February 11 
Winnicott, Margaret Boyle Spelman, James Anderson, Deborah Luepnitz
Bion, Howard Levine, Chris Lovett
Klein, Kay Long
Small Discussion Groups

Sunday, February 12
Clinical material presented for comparative discussion by presenters
Small Discussion Groups
Closing Dialogue

Affective Learning and the Small Group
The Affective Learning Model is an educational format derived from the theoretical principles of Object Relations. Faculty, candidates, fellows, students and weekend attendees learn together, from didactic material and experience, to integrate theory and technique, cognitive and affective elements, and intrapsychic and interpersonal dimensions.

IPI's affective learning groups represent a core component of the weekend learning. Each participant meets in a consistent group, twice daily and once on Sunday morning during the weekend conference. The affective learning process provides an essential vehicle for learning at IPI, giving participants an effective way to integrate their intellectual and emotional responses to the material at individual and group levels, and to apply this learning to their clinical work. Participants value the small group as a place that fosters their development as clinicians, by giving the learner a close-in opportunity to discuss, argue, and wrestle with concepts and emotional responses to the material.



Registration covers all four days of the conference.  Participants may elect to miss the first day of the conference, but must be able to attend all three days Friday - Sunday.
Conference Fee:
$485 21 days in advance, $505 thereafter.  (IPI full members: $350; associate members: $400).  Full time students: $150. 



Full Conference: 21 hours approx.
Friday-Sunday Only: 14 hours

Information and Registration online at www.theipi.org/onlinepayment
Or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information