Open Enrollment

No Commitment Options

Many of IPI's training opportunities are available to participants who can't enroll in one of the full training programs. Students are welcome to come to one, or several, of the events below at a level of participation that suits you.

For information about enrollment in any of these events, and about IPI in general, see General Information.

Weekend Conferences and Saturday Morning Lecture Series

IPI’s Weekend Conferences and Saturday Morning Lectures feature national and international presenters at the leading edge of the field. Past presenters have included Glen Gabbard, Peter Fonagy, Ted Jacobs, Christopher Bollas, Jill and David Scharff, and more. Click here to see upcoming weekend conferences and Saturday morning lectures.

Summer Institute

Working with children, adolescents, and families presents a set of unique challenges and opportunities for the practicing clinician. Join us at our weeklong summer institute as we explore interesting topics concerning children, couples and families we treat. Time will be allocated for case consultation and small affective group processing.

Study Groups/Seminars

Additionally, IPI offers a variety of study groups and seminars, either through its affiliated programs in Metro Washington, DC; Panama City, Panama and Salt Lake City, Utah, or through local programs offered by IPI faculty. Our Video Conference seminars include Foundations of Psychoanalytic Couple Therapy and Master Speaker Videoconference Series. Many IPI faculty members independently offer supervision, seminars and study groups in a variety of locations and by telephone. See Affiliate Programs for more information.


Individual and group supervision is offered in affiliated program sites, and nationally by telephone or videolink, and by referral to IPI faculty members. See Supervision Program for more information.

Special Conferences

Periodically, IPI sponsors or cosponsors a major national or international conference that is available to all, regardless of their enrollment in other IPI programs. In the past, for example, IPI cosponsored the International Conference on Prejudice and Conflict, in Salt Lake City, and the 2nd International Conference on Psychoanalytic Couple and Family Therapy in Montreal.