Certificate Programs

IPI’s national training programs bring mental health professionals and faculty together to study with international contributors at the leading edge of the field, such as Otto Kernberg, Christopher Bollas, Peter Fonagy, Ted Jacobs, Glen Gabbard and Jill and David Scharff. National programs are offered through IPI’s central site in Washington DC, and each program leads to certification.

Object Relations Theory and Practice 

2 year CORE training program, with both in person and distance learning components

The Two-Year Certificate Program in Object Relations Theory and Practice provides a concentrated immersion in object relations theory and therapy in the Washington DC area. The program is designed in a modular, block-training format to accommodate both local professionals and those who commute to Washington.


Psychoanalytic Program (IIPT)

4 year training program, with both in person and distance learning components

International Institute Psychoanalytic Training (IIPT) at the International Psychotherapy Institute (IPI) offers a four-year psychoanalytic training program designed especially for those clinicians who don’t have access to local analytic training. The analytic training operates within and augments the existing learning matrix of IPI.



Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate Program (PPCP)

The Two-Year Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Certificate Program (PPCP) is an immersion program for experienced clinicians in modern psychodynamic psychotherapy. We focus on the application of continuing, progressive elaboration of object relations theory and technique. With an emphasis on setting and maintaining a firm foundation from the first contact through termination, we will emphasize what works, with whom, and why.

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